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He Fixed The Clutch On His Deere 4010 Tractor
Roger Gutschmidt, Gackle, N. Dak.: “The clutch froze recently on my Deere 4010 tractor. When I stepped on the clutch the transmission would grind. The clutch plate was stuck to the splined shaft and I could not free it.
  “I tried pulling the tractor while it was in gear to break the plate free but it didn’t work. I then sprayed Penetrol 90 (a Schaeffers oil product) all around the splined shaft and surrounding areas. Over the next 24 hrs. I sprayed almost 3/4 of a can through the bottom cover that you take off to grease the throw-out bearing. It’s important when doing this to have the clutch pedal pushed in. I wedged a block of wood against the pedal to hold it down.
  “Anyway, the next day I put the tractor in 3rd gear and drove it out of the shop, jerking on the brakes while the clutch pedal was pushed in. It came free.
  “My Deere service man said it happens sometimes to tractors that are stored for a while. He said most times the tractor has to be split to fix the problem, which can be a $5,000 repair. My total cost was a $7 can of penetrating fluid.
  “A mechanic friend told me that when you store a tractor for a long time you should have the pedal pushed in. So I’m going to make up some wood blocks and use them on my 4010, 4020 and 4440 for winter storage.”

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