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Solution To Loose Steering On Chevy Tahoe
  Jason Lyon (jdgreen4640@gmail.com): “In your last issue a reader complained about loose steering on his Chevy Tahoe. I used to be a GM tech and I’ve fixed lots of steering problems on earlier GM trucks. The problem often is in the EVO (electronic variable orifice) system that uses a solenoid valve (located on the power steering pump) to provide maximum assist at low speeds, such as parking, and gradually lessens the assist as speed rises to give the driver road feel. The culprit is the sensor at the base of the steering column that gets corrupted and sends a bogus signal to the solenoid. You’ll notice it most on a long curve where there is moderate pressure on the steering wheel and suddenly it ‘lets go’. It can be very disconcerting for the driver who suddenly finds himself swerving across the yellow line. It almost always happens in one direction or the other. Replacing the sensor (which is nothing more than a position sensor) fixes the problem and makes for worry-free steering. The steering column does not need to be removed from the vehicle to replace it.”

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