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Homemade Generator Cart
“I made this 2-wheeled cart out of scrap metal for my Honda generator,” says Kerry Kligora, Mineral Point, Wis. “The only things I purchased were the tires, which cost $14 at Harbor Freight.
    “Most carts for this type of generator cost $150 to $200 online, and many require drilling into the generator’s frame and limit access to the motor for maintenance. My design allows access to all panels and, to remove the generator, I just undo a ratchet strap. The design also allows me to set the cart directly on the ground, eliminating the need for posts that tend to sink into soft ground.”
    The cart rides on 10-in. pneumatic tires that allow the cart to roll easily on uneven ground. The handle can be adjusted to different angles with a simple pin, allowing for people of different heights and also allowing different weight load distribution while moving it. “The position of the handle shown in the photo is best for moving the cart while it’s running, as it keeps the oil level correct in the generator’s motor,” notes Kligora.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kerry Kligora, 2138 Co. Rd. E., Mineral Point, Wis. 53565 (ph 608 553-2062; Kerry.Kligora@gmail.com).

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