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Skid Loader-Mounted “Cow Carrier”
“It’s a humane way to safely transport down cows to a place you can care for them,” says Bruce Denzin of Athens, Wis., about his new skid loader-mounted cow carrier.
  The patent pending “Rudder Easy Carrier” consists of a 3-sided steel platform that slopes down 4 in. in front. The carrier’s end pieces are hinged at the bottom and can be swung back out of the way, allowing you to load the cow from either side. A hand-cranked, 2-speed winch slides into brackets at each end of the carrier’s floor.
  The operator hooks a harness onto the cow and winches it onto the floor, then straps the cow in and swings the end pieces down. The end pieces are fitted with V-brackets that fit into grooved pins set in the floor to lock them in place. To unload, the skid loader operator tilts the carrier slightly forward until the cow slides out.
   “Everything on it is handy and easy to use, and there are no sharp points that could injure the cow. All the corners are rounded,” says Denzin. “I credit my friend and neighbor, BJ, who recently died, for inspiring me to build it.
  “If the down cow is laying in a stall up off the floor, you can raise the carrier even with the floor so the cow won’t drop down and get hurt. The straps are secured to a steel bar on back of the carrier.”  
  He sells the cow carrier for $3,500. “I like to build things heavy so it might be overbuilt, but today’s cows can weigh one ton or more so it it has to be built strong,” notes Denzin.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bruce Denzin, B&G Welding, 2579 Co. Rd. A, Athens, Wis. 54411 (ph 715 654-5901).

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