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“No Mess” Electric Corn Creamer
Creaming corn is a clean and easy job with this new electric corn creamer invented by Cecil Holt of Douglas, Ga.
  “You can use it in the coolness of your kitchen without worrying about splattering corn all over and making a mess,” says Holt. “It’s as easy to use as a mixer blender and doesn’t leave a mess like other corn creamer machines that use an impact drill.”
  The unit is powered by a 1/3 hp Dayton electric motor that sets on a stainless steel and aluminum platform. It’s equipped with special round serrated blades and a wire that circles the serrated blade and scrapes the cob. The operator inserts the cob into a “donut hole” on front of the machine for a couple of seconds, then pulls the cob out, rotates it, and inserts the opposite end back into the donut hole.
  “About two thirds of the cob goes into the machine each time,” says Holt. “The blades cut the outer grain of the kernels off and the cob is then squeezed through the wire screen to force the juice out of the kernels and into a pan. It works fast. One time I did 531 ears in only 1 1/2 hrs. One of my customers, Darrell Martin of Tupelo, Miss., bought 2 machines and used them to process about 45,000 ears of corn. After he was done he called me and said he had never spent better money on anything in his life.”
  Holt says he’s still learning what customers want his corn creamer to do. “Some people want a creamy sauce, while others just want whole kernels,” he says. “As we get feedback from customers we’re coming up with different blade designs. The standard machine is equipped with a hole saw-type blade, but the blade can be modified to bust up the kernels finer or to cut whole kernels.”
  The corn creamer sells for $500 plus S&H. You can watch it on YouTube by typing in Holt’s Corn Creamer.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Cecil Holt, Holt’s Nut Wizard, 1000 Bowens Mill Rd. S.E., Douglas, Ga. 31533 (ph 912 384-5324; nutpickerdistributors@yahoo.com).

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