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Compressed CO2 “Works Better Than Air”
Whether using an impact wrench or just filling tires, a 10-lb., 1.8-gal. Power Tank filled with CO2 equals the useable air in forty 10-gal. air tanks. Steve Sasaki says his Power Tanks are the perfect answer for adjusting air pressure or making repairs out in the field.
  “When I started 4-wheeling in 2007, I learned about the advantages of raising and lowering air pressure depending on what you’re doing,” says Sasaki. “I could buy a compressor for under the hood or one that ran off the battery. I didn’t like either, so I came up with my own system.”
  Sasaki’s Power Tank system makes use of the fact that CO2 is significantly different from air. It will pressurize to a liquid at normal temperatures at a pressure of 870 psi at 75 degrees.
  “CO2 is more dense than air and continues to generate head pressure even when the amount of liquid is near bottom,” says Sasaki. “It stays at 870 psi until it’s all gone.”
  Developing the Power Tank required developing a special regulator unlike those used in welding or for other purposes. It’s designed to release CO2 vapor without “freeze clogging” or damage to components from sub-freezing temperatures. It also offers high flow, as much as 40 cfm. This means that downstream components have to be high pressure as well.
  “I can run a 1/2-in. impact wrench off my 1/4-in. braided hose,” says Sasaki. “We have a much higher push pressure than an air compressor tank does.”
  Sasaki says getting refills is easy. He suggests taking tanks to fire extinguisher stores, welding suppliers and others. The tanks do not have a meter on them indicating remaining CO2, notes Sasaki.
  “A 10-lb. tank will refill between 16 and 20 tires,” he says. “You can weigh the tank occasionally or just keep track of how you are using it.”
  Power Tank offers 4 levels of air systems, all featuring SuperFlow regulators. Depending on the level, regulator flow can range as high as 400 psi. Models include a 20-oz., 2 1/2, 5, 10, 15 and 20-lb. tanks. The size indicates how much CO2 it can hold when filled. Power Tanks start at $149.95 for the 20-oz. Power Shot. A 20-lb. Power Tank is priced at $429. The best selling Power Tank is the 10-lb. system. The base price for it is $389.95.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Power Tank, 43 Commerce St., Unit 103, Lodi, Calif. 95240 (ph 209 366-2163; www.powertank.com).

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