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Old Tires Make Great Road Drag
“Tractor tires make a great road drag,” says George Klose, who levels his driveway with 2 big tires. “The important thing to keep in mind is to run the cables through the tires and over the top. You don’t want the cables dragging in the gravel as they will leave ridges.”
    Klose drilled a hole through the center of each tire and pulled the holes into contact with each other. He then passed steel cable through the holes and over the top twice before clamping the cables together. He then drilled holes a quarter way around each tire in the direction to be pulled. He passed a cable through each hole twice before clamping them off to make loops.
    “I ran a long log chain from my skid steer back through the loops and back to the skid steer,” says Klose. “It works great and is a good way to get a little more use out of old tractor tires.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, George Klose, 14031 1st Ave. E., Atwater, Minn. 56209 (ph 320 974-8127).

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