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My “Best Buys”
Here’s a list of some of the “best buys” I’ve made over the past year or so. I’m an editor, not a farmer, so don’t expect any reports on tractors or combines!
  Dropcam (amazon.com - $149) - If you’ve ever tried to set up a remote security camera, you know it’s often a nightmare. Not so with the Dropcam. Just plug it in, go through a couple steps on your smartphone or computer, and you get a video feed you can view anywhere in the world at any time. All it needs is a WiFi signal.
  Karcher Pressure Washer (amazon.com; 800-387-3394 - $179) - Karcher sent FARM SHOW an electric-powered “Follow Me” 1,800 psi mini pressure washer to try. I was pretty skeptical because of its small size. While I would never use it to power wash a barn, I was very impressed when using it to blast off a deck, clean an old dirty concrete sidewalk, and to take the paint off some old porch furniture. Just hook it up to a garden hose and a 110-volt outlet, and press the trigger. The two things I love: It works! And it shuts off when you let up on the trigger so you have silence, unlike my 3,000 psi Honda-powered unit that runs continuously.
  Iphone (apple.com) - What is there to say? I finally got rid of my old flip phone about a year ago and can’t believe how amazing it is to carry easy access to the internet around in your pocket. Unlike my computer, it never crashes and updates itself flawlessly.
  Podcasts (Itunes.com) Whether you want to learn, be entertained, or follow markets, there’s an amazing variety of great stuff out there that beats listening to the radio any day. You can listen on a smartphone or computer.
  RDIO - (rdio.com - $9.95/month) - In my opinion, this is the best streaming music service. You can listen to almost any music ever produced album by album, song by song, or make up your own playlists.
  LG Wireless Headphones (amazon.com - $42.99) - When I’m working around the house or at FARM SHOW on weekends, I like to listen to podcasts or music on my Iphone. These wireless headphones make it easy. They hold a charge for days and can pick up the bluetooth signal from my phone up to about 20 ft. away.
  Waterpic Flosser - (amazon.com; 800-525-2774 - $40) - This product has been around forever and now I know why. It makes “mouth maintenance” easy.
Got a “best” or “worst” buy of your own? Send it to us: Editor@farmshow.com, or mail to: FARM SHOW, P.O. Box 1029, Lakeville, Minn. 55044.

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