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Zip Line Used To Transport Firewood
Patrick Jeanquart uses a zip line to transport firewood over a deep ravine near his house. It has saved him a lot of time and labor.
  “Our home is on a small bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, with a ravine about 30 ft. deep between the house and an area we call the campsite,” explains Jeanquart. “We like to have a bonfire there, overlooking the lake, when we have friends over.”
  However, hauling wood with a wheelbarrow through the ravine didn’t appeal to him.
  Jeanquart had already built a zip line between his house and the campsite for his son, Zachary. It retracts like a pulley-equipped clothes line, using an electric drill. He used wheelchair wheels as pulleys at either end of the zipline.
  Making the zip line trolley into a wood carrier was a simple matter of tying a plastic trash barrel to a rope that hangs from a pulley on the trolley. “We tie the rope on the trash can to the handles on the trolley and give it a push.”
  At the other end of the zip line, Jeanquart’s son unhooks the barrel, dumps it and reattaches it to the trolley to send it back. With a 350-lb. limit on the zip line trolley, Jeanquart isn’t worried about overloading the barrel.
  You can see a video of the firewood zip line at farmshow.com.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Patrick Jeanquart, Algoma, Wis. 54201 (pjeanquart1@gmail.com).

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