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Pressure Washer Converted To Filter For Used Motor Oil
When his Hot Shot portable pressure washer wore out, Rich Maus, Chandler, Ariz., turned it into a low-cost filtering unit that allows him to convert used motor oil into a diesel fuel additive for his semi trucks.
"It's an inexpensive source of fuel that also solves a disposal problem. I use it whenever I change oil," says Maus, who operates a commercial trucking business.
He stripped the 3-wheeled pressure washer down to the 110-volt electric motor and pump. He mounted two spin-on fuel filters (designed for Cummins diesel engines) onto lengths of angle iron welded to one side of the cart. The filters plumb into the pressure side of the pump. To use the rig he starts the pump and puts one end of a rubber hose from the suction side of the pump into the oil drain pan. The pump draws oil out of the pan and pumps it through a rubber hose into the first fuel filter. From there it goes through a short length of hose to the second filter and then out a hose to a storage tank.
"I've been using it on the Cummins NTC and Cat 3406 diesel engines in my semi trucks for over 10 years with no problems at all," says Maus. "The filters catch all large contaminants that might harm a diesel engine's fuel pump or injectors. Used motor oil can't exceed .05 percent of the total fuel volume. It has fewer btu's than diesel fuel but I've never been able to recognize any loss of power because the amount I add is so small. There might be more smoke in the exhaust, but it's hardly noticeable. I use it on all my diesel trucks and filter about 100 gal. per year. I'm sure that filtered used oil could also be used on diesel tractors.
"My only expense was for the two fuel filters which cost about $8 apiece. If you're going to burn waste oil in an off-road tractor or stationary engine you don't have to pay taxes on it. However, if you're going to use it in an on-highway vehicle you do have to pay highway taxes on it. Contact your state to find out about the paperwork that's required."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rich Maus, 20510 S. Greenfield, Chandler, Ariz. 85249 (ph 602 988-1213).

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