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"Waste Products" Used To Build 200-Ft. Windbreak
People keep finding new uses for old stuff at Damon Carson’s company, repurposed MATERIALS, which recycles industrial materials on a giant scale (Vol. 35, No. 6). Carson recently sent photos of a project done by one of his customers, Colleen McCormick, who used old conveyor belting and used electric utility poles to build a 200-ft. long, 8-ft. high windbreak on their ranch.
  “We cut the poles 12 ft. long and buried them 4 ft. deep, placing the poles 8 ft. apart. Then we used 4-in. GRK fasteners backed with large washers to attach the belting to the poles,” says McCormick. “We used fasteners instead of lag bolts because they go through the belting better and are supposed to be stronger. Time will tell.”
  The belting came in rolls in 2 different sizes, and they used 2 tractors to put up the rolls.
  “We placed a pipe inside the big roll and used a 110 hp tractor to unroll it, and then used a 60 hp tractor to lift it against the posts,” says McCormick. “We drilled a hole into each end of the rubber, placed a bolt through the hole, and fastened metal on both sides to keep the bolt from bending as we stretched the rubber. We did this every 80 ft. in order to get a good stretch.
  “At the ends we wrapped the belting around the end post and bolted it to itself on the opposite side. It was a little difficult to wrap around the post, as the rubber is 3/4 in. thick and isn’t very pliable. The entire project took only about 4 hrs.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, repurposed MATERIALS Inc., 5138 E. 39th Ave., Denver, Colo. 80207 (ph 720 583-4873; www.repurposedmaterialsinc.com).

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