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Kids Love Going To Show In This "Dressed Up Wagon"
Allen Riegle of Findlay, Ohio, pulled his two kids in this “dressed up wagon” at the recent Ohio Farm Science Review Show near London, Ohio. Allen made the sporty wagon out of aluminum diamond plate and golf cart parts. It’s complete with a roll cage, LED headlights, turn signals, a horn, and a waterproof sound system that hooks up to Riegle’s cell phone. There’s even a go-kart steering wheel on front, just for looks.
  The wagon has a 4-ft. long by 2-ft. wide aluminum diamond plate box that sets about 2 ft. off the ground and rides on 12-in. high golf cart wheels. The steering spindles and wheel hubs are also off a golf cart.
  The suspension system uses the shocks off small dirt bikes and steel tubing struts that ride in a ball and socket system. A waterproof motorcycle sound system with an amplifier and speakers is located under the wagon. “The kids enjoy when I plug in my iPhone so they can play their favorite songs as they ride,” says Riegle. “I mounted my cell phone on top of the handle and ran a cord down to the speaker system. In effect, it works much like an amplified MP3 player.”
  A lawn mower battery mounted inside a metal box under the wagon is used to operate the headlights and turn signals. “I used LED lights because they don’t draw as much battery current as ordinary headlights,” says Riegle. “To make the headlights and turn signals I removed the bulbs from common driving lights and replaced them with LED bulbs.”
  The rear wheels are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes off an ATV. “I welded a metal ring on the golf cart’s rear wheel hubs and then mounted the disk brakes on them,” says Riegle. “In addition, the master cylinder off the handlebars of an ATV mounts on the wagon’s handlebar and serves as the hydraulic reservoir for the brakes. The hydraulic brake line then extends from the reservoir back to the calipers on the rear wheels. I mounted a nitrogen cylinder on front of the pull handle to balance the weight of the hydraulic reservoir.
  “It was a lot of fun to build, but very time-consuming. I spent more than 250 hrs. building it,” notes Riegle.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Allen Riegle, 12320 Co. Rd. 109, Findlay, Ohio 45840 (ph 419 348-0463; allen@hwe.coop).

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