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"Bloody Butcher" Corn Sells Out Fast
Susan Fox likes her cornmeal red. Her Bloody Butcher heirloom corn has kernels in shades of red and grinds up to a burgundy color. Others like it as well. She and her husband Alan sell out of their cornmeal and seed every year, even though they grow between 400 and 500 lbs. of it.
  “Due to bad weather, we only had a third of a crop last year,” she says. “We sold out even faster.”
  Fox says Bloody Butcher corn can be eaten on the cob when young or left to dry. She sells some of her corn to area bakers who grind their own cornmeal.
  Bloody Butcher corn grows between 10 and 14 ft. tall, depending on the year. The dent corn has two 9 to 10-in. ears per stalk and can vary from red to almost black in kernel color.
  “We ordered our first seed from R. H. Shumway,” recalls Fox. “Originally we were going to raise it for animal feed, but when we saw how pretty it was, we decided it was good enough for us to eat.”
  Fox and her husband have a small farm with 4 acres. They milk goats, raise Berkshire hogs, grow shitake mushrooms, berries, vegetables and more for market. In addition, they make and sell handcrafted pottery, dream catchers and other items, and also teach craft workshops.
  The corn is harvested by hand. They tie the shucks back to hang the ears for air-drying. When dry, they shell them by hand. Shucks are used to make old-fashioned cornhusk dolls as well as specialty handmade paper. They even make jelly from the corncobs.
  Most of their corn is sold in small batches as freshly ground cornmeal through the local farmers market, and through a website called Local Harvest. They’ve even sold the shelled corn to a North Carolina brewery for a specialty beer.
  Fox’s Bloody Butcher seed starts at $1.50 for a 25-seed packet with a pack of 75 seeds selling for $3.50. Bulk seed can be ordered in advance and sells for $20/lb. Cornmeal sells for $4/lb. and is ground fresh in their state-certified Mountain Kitchen and Farm Store.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, The Mushroom Hut @ Fox Farms, 54 Labrador Lane, Burnsville, N.C. 28714
 (ph 828 682-1405; yanceyfoxfarms@frontier.com; www.themushroomhutfoxfarms.webs.com).

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