2014 - Volume #BFS, Issue #14, Page #19
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Product Turns Dirt And Gravel Into Solid Surface
Ranchers, farmers and township road supervisors worldwide are using Permazyme from Pacific Enzymes, Inc. to harden dirt and gravel roads. Permazyme is an organic product that turns compacted earth hard like shale in days and even works in ponds to seal leaks and to eliminate vegetation growth.
Pacific Enzymes, Inc. is recognized by Federal, state and local agencies as a leader in natural soil stabilization. The company has worked with enzymes since the first experiments in soil stabilization and has led the industry since 1969. The result of their work in this field is the resounding success of Permazyme, which produces all weather roads, increases compaction up to 15% with no extra effort during construction, is environmentally safe in all applications, is simple to use, and is economically practical. Permazyme has been in demand throughout North America for more than 40 years and, through Pacific Enzymes, Inc., has also been implemented in numerous Canadian and international locations.
Cost Effective
Permazyme is an effective solution that reduces construction costs and long-term road maintenance costs while maximizing sustainable value. Since Permazyme uses non-granular, cohesive fines contained in the road base as a binder, a less expensive, higher fines base material may be used. This allows you to use available soil in the construction area, eliminating the need to haul in clean base.
This cured Permazyme base reduces moisture penetration and increases soil density, creating a superior and stable road base that enhances longevity and significantly diminishes long-term maintenance costs.
• Completely Non-toxic, Organic and Bio     degradable
• Decreases Water Surface Tension
• Reduces Plasticity Index
• Reduces Permeability
• Increases Soil Bearing Capacity
• Increases Compaction
Very little product is needed to harden the soil. Pacific Enzymes recommends a 500:1 ratio of water to Permazyme. Depending on soil types and climate, the ratio can be as a high as 2,000:1.
How much to apply and how deep it needs to be mixed depends on soil type, climate and targeted use.
One gallon of Permazyme in solution treats about 150 cubic yards (4,000 cubic feet) of soil. However, Permazyme should not be applied if rain is imminent within 48 hours or temperature is below 45˚.
Farm equipment is all that is needed to prepare the soil and mix the solution. An industrial roller or packer will do the best job compacting. Discs and rototillers may also be used to mix the soil. After the correct grade is achieved, compacting is key.
Once compacted and allowed to set for a few days, the ground begins to harden. It’s easy to reactivate the enzyme to make the soil pliable down an inch or two. It requires as little as one quart of Permazyme per 1,000 gallons of water sprayed on the surface. This reactivation of the enzymes allows for reshaping or resurfacing.

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