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"Best Buy" Propane Conversion Kit
Conrad Miller, a FARM SHOW subscriber from Crossville, Tenn., called us after reading a story in our 2013 Best of FARM SHOW about a company that sells a propane-to-diesel conversion kit. “I wanted to point out that Diesel Performance Products in Michigan makes a lower priced, less complicated kit. I bought one for my truck,” says Miller. “Diesel Performance Products holds a patent on the process and has marketed it around the world with great success. I bought their kit for almost 50 percent less than what other people were charging and installed it on my International straight truck with a 466 engine. My driver says the truck has more power going up grades, runs cooler and is getting better mileage. I’ve been very satisfied and just ordered a second kit for another truck.”
  After visiting with Miller, we called Diesel Performance Products in Michigan and spoke with Keith Long. He told us he invented the Powershot propane dual fuel conversion kit in 2000. The company received U.S. Patent #6422015 in 2001 for proprietary technology that no other company has. Long says Diesel Performance Products has sold the Powershot PDI (propane diesel injection) for more than 12 years in the U.S. and around the world. They have distributors who’ve worked hard to test the product through actual fleet and independent vehicle use. The results have verified improved mileage, cleaner running engines, less maintenance and excellent return on investment.
  The Powershot system meters propane into the engine based on the turbo boost pressure of the engine. Long says the mechanical system is easy to install, doesn’t have any effect or impact on the vehicle’s functionality, doesn’t change any of the manufacturer’s components or set perimeters, and there aren’t any permanent modifications to the vehicle. The system doesn’t use a computer and installation doesn’t involve changing or interfering with the engine’s original fuel management/delivery system. All of the kit components are UL listed and CSA approved.
  The Powershot 2000 typically costs around $1,000 and fuel storage tanks add $400 to $800 to the overall cost, depending on tank size. It’s installed next to the diesel tank and only two lines run into the engine compartment. The vapor fuel tank mounts on the frame of a semi-tractor or a straight truck. If the kit is used on a pickup, the tank is placed in the box. For safety purposes a control switch is mounted in the dash and must be re-activated each time the vehicle is started.
  Long says their product has become even more popular as the cost of diesel fuel continues to rise while LP remains very reasonable. “Fleet owners and diesel operators are looking for a way to save money and the Powershot provides the ideal solution,” says Long. Another incentive is the reinstated alternate fuel tax credit, which allows for a $.50 per gallon tax credit toward LPG purchases made for fleet use.
  Verified research results using the device in trucking operations have shown 20 to 25 percent increases in torque and horsepower and fuel savings of 10 to 25 percent. Fuel costs on a 580 Diesel were compared in April 2011 and 2012, showing savings of $4.10 per hour and $4.53 per hour when the propane kit was installed. Diesel fuel consumption was reduced by more than 50 percent.
  Duane Bellum Farms of Gillespie, Ill., has installed the Powershot system on three Deere tractors, including two MFWD models and a 4-WD. Bellum says they’ve been very pleased with additional power, cleaner operation and fuel savings of around 30 percent for each tractor.
  Long notes that stationary diesel engines used in irrigation have been another prime market for them. With a Powershot kit the fuel cost savings may be 30 percent compared to running on straight diesel. The Powershot System has received IS0 Certification, has obtained European and Australian Certification and is also recognized by LP and CNG industry associations.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Keith Long, Diesel Performance Products, 7459 Flickinger Dr., Shelby Township, Mich. 48317 (ph 586 726-7478; www.dieselperformanceproducts.com).

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