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First-Of-Its-Kind Welder Uses Water And Alcohol, Not Gas
MIG, TIG and stick welders are all good ways to work with steel but once you try the new Multiplaz 3500, you might never go back to them. Not much larger than an old-time radio, all it needs is 110 or 220v current, water and alcohol. It can weld, solder, braze, and harden steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, bronze and other metals. It’ll also cut any metal, including high-alloy and stainless steel, as well as ceramic tiles, quartz glass, bricks, and concrete.
  There is very little Multiplaz can’t do that other welders can, perhaps only the speed of a MIG because it is spool fed, and Multiplaz is hand-fed. “It comes with two torches, one for cutting and the other for welding. It can cut 3/16-in. steel on 20-amp, 110v current and 3/8-in. steel on 220v current. On 220v current, the welding torch can do gas welding, brazing and soldering on mode 1 and TIG, MIG and stick welding on mode 2. If you don’t have 220v access, an accessory adaptor combines current from two 110v outlets on separate circuits. It also works with any portable generator 4,000 watts or higher.”
  A helmet is optional, and requires no more than a 7 shade or just use plain shade 5 goggles and some sunscreen. The only consumables required are water and alcohol, which are mixed in specific ratios for specific uses. For example, a 50:50 ratio is recommended for welding steel. A full day of welding uses only two cups of alcohol.
  “The manual is like a cookbook,” says Lewis-Hansen. Instead of buying gas, you mix alcohol and water, load it into the torch and start welding.”
  The Multiplaz has been marketed in Europe for the past 9 years and just recently became available in North America. Lewis-Hansen reports the first-of-its-kind welder is being distributed to the construction industry by Whitecap Industries and to the retail market by multiple major retailers, including Tractor Supply Company, starting later this year. However, the company is still looking for qualified resellers.
  Originally developed by a Russian physicist who worked in the space program, the Multiplaz. The Multiplaz creates its own vapor from the carbon in the alcohol interacting with the electric arc. Because it doesn’t use inert gases, it can be used in unventilated areas. It can even be used in the dark because the tip illuminates the work area.
  “Plumbers love it because they don’t have to purge the lines. They simply shut the water off and work,” says Lewis-Hansen. “If low heat is needed, they can switch the welding torch to Mode 1 and turn the current up or down as they need more or less heat. For high heat, switch to Mode 2 and turn up the power. At 14,400 degrees focused in a tight beam, it’s the hottest welder on the market.”
  Multiplaz users report it can replace welders, gas torches, plasma cutters, nibble shears, scissors, electric jigsaws and more. The unit, which sells for $2,000, comes in its own carry pouch the size of a large gym bag.
  “Don’t let its size fool you,” says Lewis-Hansen. “It’s a very capable machine. If you look at the cost alone and not the value, you might say it was expensive. Those who have looked at the alternatives for what it can do tell us it’s worth every penny.”
  An instructional DVD has been developed for customers. For a look at what the Multiplaz can do, check out the video at FARMSHOW.com.
  Multiplaz wants North Americans to know they are confident in the product and intend to grow in the market. At a recent trade show they sponsored the “Wounded Warriors Project”, raffling off a Raymond Carrington Sculpture made entirely by the Multiplaz, and raised several thousand dollars for the troops.
  Multiplaz received the 2013 SEMA Global Media Awards. SEMA is the premier automotive accessories trade event in the world.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Multiplaz, LLC, 75-100 Saint Charles Place,
Suite C, Palm Desert, Calif., 92211(ph 760-346-8552; toll free 855 314-5551; www.multiplaz.com).

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