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Remote-Controlled Seed Box Opener
“It lets you open and close seed boxes from a distance, keeping you safe on the ground,” says Shane Hogan, Clarks Ag Supply, Clarks, Neb., about his company’s new remote-controlled seed box opener. “Works great for filling seed tenders as well as planters and drills.”
  The self-contained EasiLoad seed system uses an electric actuator to open and close the slide gate at the bottom of the bulk boxes. The actuator is powered by a rechargeable 14.4-volt battery. It weighs just 15 lbs., making it easy to move around.
  “It eliminates the need to climb up a seed tender, forklift or tractor so there’s no risk of falling,” says Hogan. “It’s built strong. The actuator that opens and closes the box has 400 lbs. of force. You can be sure that when you attach it to the box, it’ll stay there.”
  A safety cable can be manually hooked onto the box’s slide gate or lock handle.   The seed box opener sells for $995 plus S&H. Check out a video of the seed box opener at www.farmshow.com.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Clarks Ag Supply, P.O. Box 221, Clarks, Neb. 68628 (ph 866 246-2588; cell 308 548-8504; tomjbeck@clarks.net; www.clarksagsupply.com).

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