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Solar Powered Irrigation Pump
New ways to harness "free" energy from the sun are busting out all over. In Nebraska, inventor Howard Legg, of Grand Island, is experimenting with a "best ideas" collector that would automatically tilt to just the right angle, and would follow the sun all day long for peak efficiency.
He has applied for a patent on his invention and has begun assembling a prototype. When complete, it will be made up of three or more trough-like collectors, each measuring about 30 ft. long and 8 ft. across. A core in the center of each collector will contain a special liquid. Sun rays will heat the liquid to 450?F, causing it to turn into vapor. Vapor will be carried to a turbine and converted to usable energy for pumping water. On a cloudy day. a movable cover for each collector would close to help trap heat already inside the unit. Burners, either electric or gas fired, would kick in to keep the liquid hot and to keep the unit running. Legg notes that the collectors will automatically tilt to adjust to height of the sun in the sky. They track the sun as it moves by turning around a pivot attached to the high end. Legg speculates that once into production, his invention would sell for about $300 per hp, for smaller models, and about $250 for larger ones. The tracking mechanism for following the sun would operate on photo electric cells and be hydraulically powered, he points out.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Howard Legg, 229 North Park, Grand Island, Neb. (ph 308 384-8670).

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