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They Built Their Own Bridge
“Back in 1977 my 3 cousins and I built a 14-ft. wide by 48-ft. long bridge across a creek on my cousin’s farm near Paradise, Penn,” says Sam Stoltzfus, Gordonville, Penn. “It was a summer-long project and allowed access to a township road, so we wouldn’t have to use an existing lane that connects with heavy traffic on U.S. Route 30.
  “The first job was to dig footers for the piers and wing walls below the water level. Then forms were set and concrete poured. Now we could work on dry land. Forms were made for the piers and wing walls, and more concrete was poured. Next, we hired a local crane operator to set three long steel beams in place. Then we bolted on a series of steel crossbeams and added an 8-in. thick deck. Later on, railings were installed on both sides of the bridge.
  “We bought all the steel at a scrap yard and did most of the work ourselves, which kept the total cost down to about $15,000. The scrap yard said they thought the bridge could be rated to carry 15 tons, but a 35-ton milk truck went over the bridge with no problems. The bridge has carried a lot of traffic and survived 3 major floods. It looks like it’ll serve our family for many generations to come.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sam Stoltzfus, Gordonville, Penn.

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