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Crop Dividers For Tractor Tires
If you've got late season cultivation or other field work to do, you'll want to take a look at the new Crop Dividers from Bourquin Design and Mfg., Inc., Colby, Kan. They're designed to separate the tangle of full-grown or viny crops by pushing them to either side of front and rear tractor tires. They lift and separate plants that have fallen or grown between the rows.
"We developed them specifically for late season work in tall-growing or bushy crops, such as going through soybeans to get volunteer corn, but they're effective for many other applications." says Dan Bourquin. His company makes the unique weed-pulling machine that makes use of spinning tires, mounted on a frame across the front or rear of the tractor, to grab weeds and pull them out by the roots.
"You're defeating the purpose if, when getting the weeds, you also damage the crops. Our crop dividers not only help prevent crop damage, they extend your working season," Bourquin told FARM SHOW.
The just-introduced dividers mount on a universal frame that bolts quickly to the side of most any tractor. The tubular frame extends, and can be used on 2 or 4-wheel drive tractors. A set sells for about $425.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bourquin Design and Mfg., Inc., Rt. 3, Colby, Kan. 67701 (ph. 913 462-2998, or 462-2065).

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