2014 - Volume #38, Issue #2, Page #15
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12-Volt Big Bale Flakes

Lester Neff, Pasco, Wash.: “The Power Rack 1-Man Big Bale Feeder works extremely well (ph 509 269-4632; www.moveitinc.com). I’ve had mine for about 4 years. It’s a really good deal for someone with 50 to 100 head or more. It’s even better for the guy who works off the farm or has to travel. If his wife can run a tractor with a loader, she can feed hay to the cattle.

    “It’s safe, too. I spent too many years putting the truck in idle with a bungee cord on the steering wheel and climbing on the moving truck. With the Power Rack, I don’t have to worry about running over calves, the bale falling off the flatbed, or falling off the back of the truck myself.

    “The Power Rack hooks on a truck or tractor and runs off the 12-volt system. Load the bale on, cut the twine and go. The retaining “fingers” hold the last flake in place until you push a button on the remote. The rack pushes the bale backward until a flake drops off.

    “You can space flakes out so cows feeding on one flake don’t step on the next one, or drop the flakes on top of each other. You can feed all of the bale or just part of it and keep the rest for another day, all without breaking a sweat.

    “The bale feeder is simple, too, with very few wear points. If parts are needed, they can be replaced at the local hardware store.

    “The Power Rack 1-Man Big Bale Feeder can be ordered for 3 by 4-ft. or 4 by 4-ft., 1-ton bales.”

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2014 - Volume #38, Issue #2