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Heavy Duty 4WD Loader Tractor
Pierre Delorme, Sylvania, Sask., and his father Leo and brother Ray, built their own articulated4-WD tractorfrom scratch using two rear ends from a pair of 2-ton Ford trucks, the transfer case from a 6-WD army truck, a 150 hp 6-cyl. flathead Chrysler engine removed from a cement mixer truck, and a 12-speed shuttle transmission.The Delormes use the hydraulically steered rig to clean out manure from corrals, move snow and round bales, and dig rocks out of fields. The tractor's 7-ft. long, 21/2-ft. high bucket can be equipped with 20-in. long tines for digging out frozen manure along feed bunks. It can also be fitted with 31/2-ft. long tines for loading manure or a fork attachment for handling two round bales at a time. Delorme also uses the rig to move snow by slipping a steel panel over the 20-in. long tines.
"It's built heavier than most commerˇcial loaders and cost only a fraction as much to build," says Delorme. "We've used the loader, which has a 6-ton lift capacity, to dig out rocks up to 6 ft. in dia. No commercial loader could do that. We built the frame from 10 by 3-in. channel iron, and the front-end loader arms from 8-in. I-beams. For added strength we welded plating into the sides of both I-beams. The bucket's short tines work great for digging out frozen manure along feed bunks. The tractor's short 12-ft. turnˇing radius makes it handy for cleaning manure out of corrals. We can also use the bucket to move two round bales at a time by inserting a pair of 31/2-ft. long prongs intoholderson on each side of the bucket."
Delorme installed the rear ends facing each other and connected the shuttle trans-mission to a 2-speed transfer case which provides six forward and six reverse gears. He borrowed the 16 by 16 tires from a Cockshutt 428 self-propelled combine. The tractor has five hydraulic cylinders - two 48 by 4 in. cylinders to lift the loader arms, two 20 by 4-in. cylinders to lift the bucket, and one 20 by 4-in. steering cylˇinder.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pierre Delorme, Box 37, Sylvania, Sask., Canada S0E IS0 (ph 306 873-5768).

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