2014 - Volume #38, Issue #1, Page #40
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He Uses Wasps To Kill Flies

Mike Martz was tired of being bugged by flies around his livestock, so a couple of years ago he started using wasps to eat fly larvae.
  Martz, a cattle feedlot operator, buys wasp larvae from a Texas company that specializes in biological insect control (ph 800 832-1113; www.kunafin.com). The company helped Martz set up a control program that calculated the placement of wasp larvae and how often they should be set out.
  Four plastic bags loaded with predator larvae are shipped to Martz every week. To distribute the wasp larvae, we throw the larvae along feed bunklines, or on berms or down into a slatted manure pit, says Martz. When the wasp larvae hatch, they eat the egg or fly larvae.  
  The best time to start is when flies first appear, in early April. Its important to stay ahead of the hatch and to continue to put out the wasps every week. We keep putting out larvae for about 16 weeks.
  He says the bags of larvae sell for $25 apiece, which comes out to $118 per week including S&H.
  But for Martz its worth it. We hardly ever see any flies around here any more, he says.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mike and Lynn Martz, 17520 Keslinger Rd., Maple Park, Ill. 60151 (ph 815 827-3400 or cell 815 751-0519; mmartz@mycbsi.com).

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2014 - Volume #38, Issue #1