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Aftermarket High-Output Alternators
PA Performance has been building, customizing and modifying vehicles for more than 20 years. In the process they’ve learned how to upgrade electrical components to provide greater performance.
  “We recently introduced a new alternator that will directly replace any 10DN, 10SI or 12SI series alternator,” says Kevin Bealer, a company representative. These alternators are commonly found on most early GM vehicles along with some agricultural and excavating equipment.
  Bealer says the company’s new alternator is capable of producing a maximum of 120 amps at 6,000 rpm’s and up to 60 amps at idle. The original alternator produced 60 amps at 6,000 rpm’s and 10 to 20 amps at idle.
  “Our high-output alternator produces more than 3 times the electrical capacity compared to the original unit,” Bealer says. “It allows vehicles to run a high wattage sound system with powerful speakers or to power extra lighting on emergency vehicles. It’s also excellent for trucks that are running snowplows and other auxiliary equipment.”
  PA Performance builds its new alternators with 2 internal cooling fans to efficiently dissipate heat from the heavy-gauge wiring. This extends the service life of the alternators and maintains maximum output in all weather and performance conditions. Prices start at $139 and can be ordered through the company website or by phone. Orders placed by 1 p.m. Eastern time generally ship the same day.
  Bealer says the new alternators join a growing line of products from a business that’s known for producing new components with exceptional quality. “We’re not just taking existing products and ‘hopping them up’ for more performance,” Bealer says. “We build new products with excellent components and in most cases offer a limited lifetime warranty.” High Output units have a one year warranty. Most of the alternators PA Performance sells are available in different powder coat, chrome or polished finishes. The company also markets starters, voltage regulators, battery cables, solenoids, wire kits and many other electronic parts. Special order “HO” units are available for performance and diesel vehicles.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, PA Performance, 704 East 4th St., Boyertown, Penn. 19512 (ph 877 471-8010; pasales@paperformance.com; www.paperformance.com).

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