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Cooler, Quieter Long-Life Brake Pads
Owners of light trucks, Jeeps and SUV’s should take a look at EBC Brake pads, made from a new material designed to self-clean, stay cooler, grip better and last longer.
  “These are ideal pads for use in heavy braking, towing or downhill descents under load,” says Brendan Cashman, automotive manager, EBC Brakes USA.
  The pad design includes high volume grooves that vent heat better and remove dust and debris, allowing the pads to cool faster after use. The carbon granule-based material was originally developed for use in race cars and has a wide range of operating temperatures. It has earned the highest rating in friction tests, stopping at temperatures exceeding 1,400°F. Winter testing shows it provides cold braking in even the worst wet and cold conditions.
  Even the best pad material fails if not properly bonded to the backing plate. The new Extra Duty EBC pads feature the NRS Hook system made by NUCAP of Canada. Small hooks about 1 mm tall are pressed into the surface of the backing plates. The EBC pad material is then laid into it, creating a stronger, more secure bond than possible with adhesive bonding alone.
  This better bond prevents edge lift, when the pad begins to peel away from the backing plate. It is that separation that creates vibration/noise when braking even though pads have plenty of wear left. Edge lift also speeds disintegration of the pads and needed replacement.
  "The replacement pads cost less than original parts and are guaranteed against pad corrosion or pad separation," says Cashman. "They provide more stopping power and longer life."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, EBC Brakes USA, 6180 S. Pearl St., Las Vegas, Nevada 89120 (ph 702 826-2400; www.ebcbrakes.com).

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