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How To Rewind A Recoil Spring For The Pull-Start On Polaris ATV
Dean Walker, Hopkins, Minn.: “I recently had to rewind a recoil spring for the pull-start on my Polaris ATV. I had trouble winding it tightly enough to fit back into its housing. Here’s how to solve the problem. Pound a nail into the center of a small piece of plywood and attach the outer edge of the recoil spring to the nail, then attach a drill to the inside edge of the spring. As you begin to slowly advance the drill, the spring will wind and tighten. You may have to hold your hand flat over the spring while winding to prevent it from flying apart.
  “Once the spring is wound to the proper size, attach a zip tie tightly around the outer diameter of the spring. You should now be able to remove the nail and lift the spring without it coming unwound. Once you place the spring in its housing, remove the zip tie. The recoil is now ready for reassembly. This method has saved me a lot of time and money.”

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