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Field Harrow Made From Truck Tires
Old truck tires hooked together make nifty field harrows, says Mississippi farmer Robert Lane, who pulls a 3-tire harrow behind his 4-wheeler.
  “It does a good job of leveling out plowed ground,” he says.
  He used three 16-in. truck tires arranged in a triangle to form a 6-ft. wide drag. Cable runs from a hole drilled into the center of the front tire and back through the other 2 tires to connect all 3 tires together. The cable on front of the lead tire has a loop in it just large enough to drop over a 2-in. trailer ball on his 4-wheeler.
  “It’s easy to take on and off,” says Lane. “At first I tried using 15-in. car tires but they were too light.”
  He also made a large harrow using seven 18-wheeler-size tires into a triangle and pulled them behind a tractor. “I used them to level 29 acres of bulldozed timber ground that I converted into pasture. The tires smoothed the ground really well, and when they hit a tree stump they just bounced off it or jumped over it. After spreading lime, fertilizer and seed I dragged the tires over the ground again.
  “I tried hooking together three 18-wheeler tires (22 in.) and pulling them behind my 4-wheeler, but they were too heavy for it so I switched to three 16-in. heavy truck tires. I used them on my yard after I disked and spread seed and fertilizer, and they worked great. I also used them successfully on some 2 and 3-acre wildlife food plots.”
   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert C. Lane, 4035 Hwy. 902, Pulaski, Miss. 39152 (ph 601 507-2252).

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