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Bales Create Safe Horse Exercise Arena
FARM SHOW reader Kenneth Volk was impressed by the safe horse lead walker idea his brother came up with and thought it was a great idea to share with other readers.
  Jim Volk raises thoroughbred race horses near El Paso, Texas. Exercising and cooling horses down is essential, but horse walkers can be dangerous if the horses are skittish. Sometimes they kick the fence surrounding them or pull and bend on the “hot walker” pole.
  Jim Volk insulates his horses from danger with a wall of net-wrapped round bales on end around the lead walk area. There is an opening in the 30-ft. dia. circle for him to lead horses inside.
  “Even if they kick the bales, they don’t get hurt, and the horses are calmer,” Kenneth Volk says.
  The bales are low enough to see over and when they get old they can be removed, fed to the horses and replaced with new ones.
  Volk says he noticed that the horses walk straight and are very calm in their bale-walled walking arena.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kenneth Volk, P.O. Box 1965, Marshall, Texas 75671 (ph 903 938-3917).

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