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Heat Exchanger Cuts Costs For Poultry Producers
Installing a Dutch-built heat exchanger on their new poultry building gave brothers Jos and Eric Schroeders healthier birds at less cost. They installed the first Clima+200 system in North America.
  “We knew there was heat exchanger technology being used in Europe that wasn’t available here,” says Jos. “We met with Agro Supply, maker of the Clima+200, and spoke to farmers in Holland with systems. They said they installed their first one to save money on heating bills, but then installed additional units because they saw improved performance with their animals.”
  The Schroeders contracted with Agro Supply to design a new poultry house and supply the heat exchanger. Since then, 8 more units have been installed in Ontario and several are going into Alberta.
  Benefits claimed for the heat exchanger include up to 70 percent reduction in heating costs. Thermal efficiency (ability to capture heat from exhaust air) of 80 percent is claimed, as is a reduction of CO2 emissions and fine dust.
  Features include an automatic cleaning system for the heat exchanger, easy access, and stainless steel parts for durability. A windbreak mesh pre-filters fresh air.
  The Schroeders are working with an Ontario firm to import, promote and install the Clima+200s. “Avonbank Ag Solutions is now the contact for the heat exchangers and for Agro Supply,” says Jos.
  Cost of the units vary according to the size of the building, the number of birds or other livestock, and animal density. The units can be installed on new construction or retrofitted to existing buildings.
  “Payback depends on the local price of natural gas or propane,” says Jos. “We’ve seen everything from 3 years to 7 years. Meanwhile, you have a different climate in the building. We find the litter is drier and fine dust and ammonia are all reduced.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Avonbank Ag Solutions, 15484 Elginfield Rd., Granton, Ont., Canada N0M 1V0
(ph 519 225-2507; info@avonbank.ca; www.avonbank.ca).

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