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"Powerstep" Lifts Farmer Into Combine
Scott Perisho couldn’t have picked a worse time to break his leg. A falling feed auger smashed his right femur and, as he recuperated, the soybeans on his Zearing, Iowa farm got ripe and had to be harvested. He needed a way to get into his combine without needing help from anyone else. Fortunately, Clayton Byjustrom’s
“automated step” invention gave Perisho a lift, both physically and mentally.
  The Powerstep is designed to lift anyone smoothly and safely into the combine cab. The bolt-on device uses electrical controls at the top and bottom of the lift to winch the rider to cab height. A battery pack or the combine’s electrical system can be used to operate the unit. A safety harness, hand rails, and 400-lb. weight capacity provide rider safety. The bottom step folds upward for manual entry.
  Byjustrom, a high school senior, built the Powerstep at the request of his grandfather. “Climbing those steps into the combine gets harder every year,” he said. “Why don’t you design a way to make it easier for me to help with the harvest?”
  So Byjustrom built and installed the first Powerstep to surprise his grandfather. His grandmother, who hadn’t been in a combine cab for years, was equally thankful for giving their lives a lift.
  “Right then and there, I could see the potential to help hundreds of farmers with disabilities and health problems,” says Byjustrom. “We decided to begin producing the unit for commercial use.”
  He’s now showing it at fairs, combine clinics, and farm equipment dealerships. The Powerstep is designed for combines of various sizes and colors. Rentals are also available for farmers like Scott Perisho who just need a temporary lift.
  “The Powerstep provides peace of mind and a safe harvest,” says Perisho.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Clayton Byjustrom, 6814 106th Ave., Milan, Ill. 61264 (ph 563 349-5518; www.Powerstepag.com).

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