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"Drive-By Demos" Help Sell Tillage Tool
To sell their German-built tillage tool, Laurent Letzter and Darryl Tam take it out to farms and put it to work.
  “In the spring, farmers don’t have time to sit and watch a demonstration,” says Letzter, who handles the Lemken Heliodor compact disk in Canada. “However, instead of taking their time, we offer them some of ours. They keep working, and we work alongside.”
  The demonstration works well for both parties. The farmer gets to compare his current equipment with the Lemken tillage tool, and Letzter learns about the competition and the market. At some point, he says, the farmer usually stops to talk.
  “Discussions that come from watching equipment work in the field are very interesting,” says Letzter. “Most of our demonstrations are set up in advance, but if we have time, we just start out down a road looking for farmers working in their fields. I’ll stop one long enough to ask if we can do some tillage for them, and if they agree, Darryl pulls in with the tractor and the Heliodor and goes to work.”
  This coming year, Letzter plans to do more drive-by-demos in Ontario and possibly in Quebec. He invites readers in Canada to contact him about demos elsewhere in that country and for readers in the U.S. to contact Lemken USA.
  The emphasis on demonstrations has been especially helpful in introducing the Heliodor, explains Letzter. The compact disk is designed for less aggressive, secondary or finish tillage. Available in a range of sizes from an 8-ft. width to a 40-ft. width, it combines a smaller diameter disk with spring shanks and a roller. It also has a leveling bar in front of the disk that can be adjusted hydraulically.
  Letzter says the Heliodor has proven very popular with no-tillers. It mixes residue into the surface of the field and creates an ideal seedbed, yet offers some of the advantages of no-till.
  “The weight of the Heliodor all rests on the back roller, which reconsolidates the soil in a way that avoids erosion and moisture loss,” says Letzter. “With a demonstration, they can see what a single pass will do.”
  Contact: Lemken Canada, Inc. (ph 514 443-6828; letzter@lemken.com; www.lemken.ca); or Lemken USA, Inc. (ph 208 680-7015; diekmann@lemken.com; www.lemken.com).  

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