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Kit Enlarges Grain Bin's Lid Opening
“Our new conversion kit lets you enlarge the lid opening on grain bins by up to 70 percent. The larger opening makes it much easier to set up today’s big grain augers when filling bins,” says Jaycelyn Dueck, Boundary Trail Welding, Cartwright, Man.
  The kit consists of a new, larger bolt-on collar and a larger cable-controlled spring-hinged lid.
  To install the kit you remove the old lid, leaving the existing collar in place to keep the bin’s roof metal rigid. Then use a torch or reciprocating saw to cut out a larger opening and bolt the new collar over it.
  “It fills a real need in today’s grain harvesting systems,” says Dueck. “It’s a real challenge to drop the 13 and 16-in. dia. spout on a 100-ft. long auger into a 20-in. dia. hole. You almost have to climb up onto the bin roof and manually direct the spout into the hole. If you’ve got combines in the field you don’t want them waiting while you try to maneuver your grain auger into place.
  “The kit is designed for most popular old-style bins and even works on welded-together bins that have smaller throat sizes. The collar and lid can be bought separately, but most farmers buy them together.”
  The collar sells for $130 plus S&H and the bin lid for $175 plus S&H.  
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Boundary Trail Welding, P.O. Box 393, Cartwright, Man., Canada R0K 0L0 (ph 204 529-2687; jdboundary@xplornet.ca).

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