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Auger-Mounted Grain Saver Funnel
You can add feed supplements or seed treatments to grain as you auger it out of bins with this new "grain saver" funnel that bolts onto any auger, says Robert Rollinson, Blackfalds, Alberta.
The funnel slides easily onto mounting brackets that bolt onto the auger tubing, so one funnel can be used on more than one auger. A sliding door at bottom controls flow rate into auger.
"It saves time by allowing you to add feed supplements or seed treatments to grain as it comes out of the bin instead of in a separate process," says Rollinson. "It can also be used to clean out grain from the bottom of the bin. Just shovel grain into the funnel. It can also be used to empty auger hoppers rather than dump grain back into a truck."
To install, you cut one small hole in the auger and install two bolts. Sells for $78 (plus S&H).
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, The Grain Saver Funnel, Box 623, Blackfalds, Alberta, Canada TOM OJO (ph 403 885-2961).

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