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High Capacity Grain Thrower
"It's great for moving grain into flat storage," says the Australian manufacturer of this portable Grain Thrower.
Grain is propelled by an 18 in. dia. paddle (made up of four 6 by 18 in. blades) which is pto driven at 500 rpm with a 30 hp or larger tractor. It will throw grain a distance of 40 to 50 ft., and to a stacking height of 20 ft., at the rate of 70 to 90 tons per hour.
"Compared to vacuum grain movers, which cost $10,000 or more and have a top capacity of 40 tons per hour, the Grain Thrower sells for only $2,000 and will move up to 90 tons per hour," Phil Andrews, marketing director for Francis Engineering, the manufacturer, told FARM SHOW. It's especially suited for moving grain into but not out of flat storage, notes Andrews. He adds that it causes very little kernel damage to the grain. "Only a small percentage of kernels actually come in contact with the metal paddles. Consequently, there's less metal to kernel contact than you get with a regular spiral auger."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Francis Engineering Co., Links Road, P.O. Box 141, St. Marys NSW, Australia 2760 (ph 02 623 4466).

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