2013 - Volume #37, Issue #4, Page #27
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Custom Cabs For Small Tractors, ATV's

Jodale Perry manufactures a wide range of cabs and sun shades for utility tractors and ATVs. Cabs fit all popular brands: Deere, Kubota, Case IH, New Holland, Toro and Jacobsen, says Kevin Peters, general manager of Jodale Perry, Morden, Manitoba, Canada.
“Customers tell us that our cabs are easy to install, user-friendly and very quiet inside, with low-decibel ratings,” Peters says.
The best way to purchase a Jodale Perry small-tractor or ATV cab, according to Peters, is to go to the company website (www.jodaleperry.com) and use the “Build Your Own” tool that asks for the make and model of the tractor or ATV. After filling in the blanks, including the options you want, the tool tells you the cab price. The website also includes a dealer locator for U.S. and Canada dealers.
  All Jodale Perry cabs are sold through dealers, and the price that appears on the website is the price you will pay from a local dealer, Peters says.
  Cabs are made from glass, steel tubing and ABS plastic. Cab colors match the tractor brand and model it’s going on.
The company’s Boxer brand ROPS cabs offer curved-glass windshields and custom-fit “high style,” with sound-system and air-conditioning options. Boxer brand cabs have a plastic roof, steel-framed doors with a slam latch and are easy to install.
Peters says “Boxer cabs are designed to drop on to the machine, with the only installation required being the mounting assemblies and floor mat.” Prices for Boxer cabs range from $4,000 to $11,000, depending on make, model and cab options. Most customers, however, choose to have their local dealer handle mounting and installation, Peters says.
  The company’s Cabrio sunshade, with a solid welded tubular frame and plastic roof and universal mount, is priced at $399. Cabrio sunshades offer weather protection and ROPS protection, with roof colors to match tractor brand.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jodale Perry Inc., P.O. Box 909, Morden, Man., Canada R6M 1A8 (ph 204 822-9100; www.jodaleperry.com).

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2013 - Volume #37, Issue #4