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Amazing "No Wobble" Funnel
The first-of-its-kind “no wobble” funnel system is designed to make changing oil or pouring other liquids a much easier and faster job.
  The WonderFunnel holds steady so you can pour more easily with virtually no spills. The system comes with interchangeable parts and numerous adapter attachments, allowing it to be used as a regular funnel, hose funnel, barrel funnel, or Secure Lid funnel.
  “I offer nine different WonderFunnel kits, so there’s something for everyone from mechanics to cooks,” says inventor Dale Hester.
  FARM SHOW readers will probably be most interested in his 10-in. farm and ag large funnel kit with hose. The 10-in. funnel is big enough to hold both 1-gal. and 5-quart oil containers.
  “This funnel comes with a long tip that screws onto the bottom of the funnel. As a result it won’t dislodge as easily as most large funnels on the market,” says Hester. “The kit also comes with a screw-on 5/8-in. dia. by 26-in. long clear hose for hard-to-reach places. The hose may be cut to shorter length if desired. However, the funnel’s threaded bottom will accept any garden hose of any diameter or length. Optional hoses for special applications are sold separately.
  A barrel adapter can be screwed onto the bottom of the funnel, converting it from 3/4-in. garden hose threads to 3/4-in. pipe threads that fit onto many 5-gal. buckets and most 16, 30 and 55-gal. drums. “Once in place, there’s no need to hold the funnel so you have both hands free as you pour out of the container,” says Hester.
  Using the company’s secure lid, you can attach the funnel through the lid of virtually any container to create a solid, one-piece attachment.
  The kit includes the 10-in. WonderFunnel with removable tip, 28-in. hose, removable screen washer, barrel adapter, and SecureLid. It sells for $19.95 plus S&H.
  Hester also offers a similar funnel kit with hose that lets you dispense 3 quart bottles at one time while changing the oil in your vehicle. A 3-wing divider snaps into place inside the funnel and is used to contain the bottles. A chain with a large S-hook at the top is used to hang the funnel from the vehicle’s hood latch, and 3 smaller snap hooks at the bottom attach to the funnel.
  The oil change kit with a 10-in. funnel sells for $24.95 plus S&H; with a 6-in. funnel, $19.95 plus S&H.
  “There’s much more to say. The easiest way to understand this product is to go to our website. Watching the 3 1/2-min. video will tell you more than I can tell you in a 15-min. conversation,” says Hester.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hester Enterprises, LLC, 136 W. Hwy. 152, Suite C, Mustang, Okla. 73064 (ph 405 613-7000; funnelmanhester@gmail.com; wonderfunnel.com).

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