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PVC Tube Tree Waterer
Bud Watts, Spencer, Iowa,  recently sent FARM SHOW his idea for a simple pvc tube waterer that he uses to water young trees.
  “I start with a 4 to 6-ft. length of 3 or 4-in. dia. pvc tubing and drill 1/8-in. dia. holes in the bottom 6 in., at angles of 10 and 2 o’ clock,” says Watts. “After digging the hole, I place the pvc tube in it to one side, with the drilled holes pointing toward the center of the hole. Then I plant the tree as usual and water it by filling the pvc tube as many times as necessary for proper watering.
  “The pvc tube gets the water down to the roots where it’s needed for quick and deep rooting. Once the tree gets established, I simply pull the tube out of the hole and fill it in with dirt. Larger trees may require more than one tube.”
  Watts says he recently used this method to plant 4-ft. high fruit trees in light soil, using just one tube per tree, and that the trees have done well. “No surface watering cuts down on competition from grass and weeds,” notes Watts.
  He doesn’t put a cap over the bottom of the tube. “After I fill the tube two or three times the water stops draining out the bottom on its own. If you have sandy soil you could put a cap over the bottom,” notes Watts.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bud Watts, 1645 310th St., Spencer, Iowa 51301 (ph 712 834-2034).

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