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"Log Splitter" Quickly Converts To 20-Can Crusher
Jim Dolan, Las Vegas, Nevada, converted an electric-operated log splitter into an aluminum can crusher that’ll flatten 20 cans at a time.
  The can crusher bolts onto the splitter table. By removing 3 bolts, Dolan can convert the unit back to a log splitter.
  Cans are placed inside a 20-in. long, 8-in. wide galvanized steel container made up of two 4 by 6-in. side rails spaced 18 in. apart. A 1/4-in. dia. threaded rod connects the side rails together at one end, where a 3/8-in. thick steel “drive plate” attaches to the splitter’s push plate with one bolt. At the other end, a combination metal “stop”
and hinged lid attaches to the splitter’s wedge with 2 bolts.
  “After placing 20 cans in the container I lower the lid and hold it down with one hand while using my other hand to extend the cylinder. Once the cylinder reaches the wedge end of the container it automatically retracts, and then I raise the lid and place another 20 cans inside and crush them. I repeat the process a third time. Once all 60 cans have been crushed I open the lid, remove all the cans, and dump them into a 30-gal. trash bag.  
  “It takes three full bags of uncrushed cans to fill one bag with crushed cans that weigh about 22 lbs. Whenever the price of aluminum goes up, I load the bags in my pickup and haul them to our local recycling center.
  “I bought the log splitter at Home Depot for $299. It took me about 1 1/2 hrs. to design the crusher, and less than 3 hrs. to build it.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jim Dolan, HCR 38, Box 77, Las Vegas, Nevada 89124 (ph 702 395-2885).

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