2013 - Volume #37, Issue #3, Page #16
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Breast Pump Used To Milk Goats

Milking dairy goats is easy with the breast pump milking machine designed by Jim Criger of Springfield, Mo.
  The hospital grade breast pump in Jim’s barn sits on a wire cart next to a milking stand built from angle iron and recycled plastic decking material. A length of plastic tubing is attached to the pump; the tube runs into the lid of a milk jar resting in a rubber bucket attached to the corner of the cart. Another length of plastic tubing runs from the jar lid to an open 35 mm plastic syringe. The syringe is hooked to the goat’s teat and when the pump is turned on, milk is sucked into the jar.
  Any breast pump used for a milking machine needs to have a regulator installed in order to control vacuum pressure. Goats should be milked at no greater than 15 psi. Breast pumps to use for milking machines can be found online or sometimes purchased directly from hospitals as they upgrade to newer, more sophisticated equipment.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jim Criger, 2986 N. Farm Road 103, Springfield, Mo. 65803 (jimc417@yahoo.com).

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2013 - Volume #37, Issue #3