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Water-Powered Earth Borer Runs Pipe, Wiring Under Driveways
You can lay cable or pipe under sidewalks, driveways, or any concrete pad up to 60 ft. wide with this easy-to-use new earth boring tool that simply requires a 1/2-in. electric drill and water from a garden hose.
The digger bit screws onto the end of a piece of 3/4-in. dia. galvanized water pipe. Water from the hose flows out through the bit and the drill turns it. You simply add additional lengths of pipe as needed. When you've tunneled all the way through, you remove the bit and attach the line that you want to install - whether it's PVC, poly or galvanized pipe, conduit, or flexible cable - to the bit end of the drill pipe. Then as you pull out the drill pipe you pull the material through the hole toward you.
"It eliminates the drudgery of digging and backfilling and the need to tear up concrete, asphalt, etc.," says Jim Hill, owner. "It works in sand, sandy loam, clay, gravel, and even compacted fill and is small enough to get into tight places. A 2-in. dia. hole can be drilled up to 60 ft. long. You can drill about 1 ft. per minute so it takes only about 20 minutes to bore under a 20-ft. driveway. The water lubricates the self-sharpening bit and helps wet the soil ahead of it. The wet soil lets rocks wiggle back and forth so that the bit can jiggle them out of the way. Bits are available in 2 and 3-in. dia. sizes. We also offer a 4 3/4-in. backreamer to make bigger holes. You make a hole with the bit, then replace it with the backreamer and pull it back through the hole.
"The unit can be positioned at any angle and bore in any direction - horizontally or vertically - with accuracy. Some people have even used it to dig sandpoints for wells."
Sells for $240 equipped with a 2-in. bit. Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Borit Mfg. Co., One Rainbow Canyon, Box 748-30 Encampment, Wyo. 82325 (ph 800 591-7500).

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