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Blade Bar Puller For Mower Repairs
“I recently came up with this homemade repair tool that makes it easier to remove the blade bar from the gearbox on a bush hog mower,” says Chad Travis, Drasco, Ark.
  “I do some repair work for neighbors, and when a man brought me a bush hog to be repaired I could see right away that in order to replace the bearings inside the gearbox, the gearbox would first have to be removed from the mower’s cutter deck. A 2 1/2-in. wide by 1 1/2-in. deep blade bar attaches to the gearbox and has to be removed before you can remove the gearbox. The blade bar is attached to the driveshaft with a large key that goes into one side of a collar. However, the blade bar can easily become seized on the driveshaft, and it takes lots of power to remove it. An ordinary wheel bearing puller can’t do the job.”
  To solve the problem, he turned the bush hog’s deck upside down. Then he made a U-shaped “blade bar puller” out of 2 pieces of 3/4-in. thick plate steel. Each piece is 18 in. wide and about 16 in. high. The 2 plates set vertically on top of the deck and fit under the blade bar. A pair of rectangular holes near the top of each plate are used to hold a pair of bar stocks made from 1 1/4 by 2 1/4-in. bar stock. Then he places a 30-ton hydraulic bottle jack under each bar stock – one on each side of the blade bar. Since the deck is made from light gauge material, he sets the jack on a piece of 1/2-in. thick plate, which spreads the force out. Pumping the jack pushes the blade bar off the driveshaft.
  “The jacks push both bar stocks straight up, which lift the plates up to pull the blade bar off the driveshaft. Once I got everything in place it was easy to do. It took less than 10 min. to get the blade bar off,” says Travis. “Cutting out the material and getting everything set up took the most time.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Chad Travis, 574 Greers Ferrard, Drasco, Ark. 72530 (ph 870 668-3400).

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