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Inflate/Deflate Your Tires On-The-Go
“Our new on-the-go tire inflation system makes it possible to quickly increase tire pressure for road travel or reduce it in the field to minimize soil compaction,” says Sally Brodbeck, Precision Inflation, LLC, West Des Moines, Iowa.
  FARM SHOW actually first introduced the system to North American farmers about 20 years ago when we discovered it at a European farm show (Vol. 16, No. 1). Now the system is available here, and Precision Inflation is the only U.S. distributor.
  The system consists of a hydraulic-powered compressor that mounts on back of the tractor, and a control box in the cab. The control box is preset with a road pressure and a field pressure recommended by the tire industry, so that it takes just a few minutes to inflate or deflate each tire.
  “Farmers who travel long distances over the road are looking for a way to prevent wear, yet still have the traction they need in the field,” says Brodbeck. “Our system lets you set the tires at the optimum pressure for both the field and the road, rather than somewhere in between. Deflating the tires will double the footprint and reduce the compaction impact in the field. It’ll also extend tire life and make the tractor more fuel efficient, due to less rolling resistance on the road and less slip in the field.”
  The system also makes it easy to adjust tire pressures on-the-go right in the field, says Brodbeck. “For example, if you’re coming up on sandy, soft ground, you can dial the pressure down and hopefully go through without getting stuck or making deep wheel ruts. Also, if you’re spraying and planting at the same time and losing weight as you go along, you can adjust for that as well by decreasing the pressure.”
  Prices start at $5,700 for the most basic system and run to about $20,000 for the most complex.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sally Brodbeck, Precision Inflation, LLC, 1025 S. Willow Circle, West Des Moines, Iowa 50266 (ph 515 707-0903; precisioninflation@gmail.com; www.PrecisionInflation.com).

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