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Yard Sprayer Made From Old Tire
John Parker’s air-powered sprayer is so simple it boggles the mind. Parker turned a truck wheel and tire into a sprayer to apply herbicide around his yard.
  “I got the idea from Volkswagen’s old windshield washers,” says Parker. “They sat in the spare tire well and used tire pressure to power the spray.”
  Parker took an old wheel with a good tire on it. He drilled a hole in the rim to the tire chamber and added a valve for the spray wand. He drilled a second and larger hole for a pvc pipe with filler valve for adding the herbicide. A pressure gauge on the spray wand valve keeps him from over filling and lets him know when he’s getting low.
  “It doesn’t take much pressure to run it. When it gets down to 15 lbs. pressure it still sprays fine,” says Parker.
  For mobility, Parker strapped the valve-equipped wheel to an appliance mover dolly. To fill, he drops it to its flat position. While he can easily pull the wheel sprayer around the yard, he found an even better way to spray with it.
  “I put a ball on the back of my self-propelled lawn mower and hooked the dolly to it,” says Parker. “I put Roundup and water in the tire, pressure it up and spray with the hand wand. With 40 lbs. of pressure, I can spray 25 gal. of mix before the pressure runs out.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Parker, 813 County Rd. 604, Jonesboro, Ark. 72404 (ph 870 935-7899).

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