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4-In-1 Fence-Building Cart
This handy “4-in-1 tool” is designed for any electric fencing job and can be used separately as a wire winder or unwinder, post driver, or post puller.
  “Everything you need to put up or take down electric fence is in this one small cart,” says inventor Malcolm Johnston of Rock Valley, Iowa. “It’s so lightweight that you can carry it around in back of your pickup. It works especially well for anyone who moves electric fences around a lot for intensive grazing.”
  The Sparky 4-in-1 Wire Wizard is a 2-wheeled unit with a T-handle on back. There’s also a drawbar hitch so you can pull it behind a 4-wheeler.
  The various parts are attached to the unit’s frame by snap pins. A hand-operated crank is used to operate the wire winder/unwinder which, by loosening a set screw, can be slid up or down on a centrally located shaft. A battery-operated motorized spool is optional.
  The post puller consists of one pipe inside another and its length can be adjusted by changing the position of a pin. The post driver actually forms the top part of the post puller.
  The standard Wire Wizard sells for $329 plus S&H; the optional motorized unit sells for $300.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Malcolm Johnston, 197 Westview Dr., Rock Valley, Iowa 51247 (ph 800 345-8293; Malcolm@hoppercone.com).

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