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Remote-Controlled Seed Box Opener
Opening bulk seed boxes is safe and easy with Mark Hoffmann’s new remote-controlled box opening system.
  “It allows you to open and close seed boxes from a distance, keeping you safe on the ground and away from potentially harmful dust,” says Hoffmann. “Works great for filling seed tenders as well as planters and drills.”
  The self-contained system uses an aluminum frame that attaches to the box by means of an actuator, which draws the two parts of the frame tight against the box’s sides. Another actuator is used to open and close a slide gate at the bottom of the box. The actuators, as well as the remote, are powered by 12-volt batteries.
  “It eliminates the need to climb up a seed tender, forklift or tractor so there’s no risk of falling. Also, you’re a safe distance away from the box so there’s no exposure to seed treatments such as fungicides and insecticides,” says Hoffmann.
  “It’s built strong. The actuator that clamps onto the box has 400 lbs. of force, and the one that opens and closes the box has 200 lbs. of force. You can be sure that when you attach the frame to the box, it’ll stay there.”
  The box opening system, which includes two 12-volt batteries, a charger, and two remote controls, sells for $1,450 plus S&H. An optional wireless camera is also available. “The camera lets you make sure from the ground that the opening on the box is properly positioned,” notes Hoffmann.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hoffmann Midwest, Inc., 5085 Bushy Prairie Rd., Waterloo, Ill. 62298 (ph 618 458-7303; mark.hoffmann.seeds@plantpioneer.com; www.hoffmannmidwestinc.com).

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