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Intake Grate Makes A Great Gravel Screen
“One of the most useful pieces of scrap metal that I ever came across was an intake grate from a hydroelectric dam,” says Ross Wilkinson of Thomson Falls, Mont. “I took it home, built a frame for it and made it into a gravel screen.”
  Wilkinson works for a power company and explains that the intake grates on hydroelectric dams have to be replaced periodically because corrosion can weaken the steel. Like a lot of old steel, however, it can still be re-purposed into something else.
  Wilkinson hauled the giant 8 by 16-ft. long grate to his yard and cut it in half with a torch. Then he built an upright frame out of 6 by 6-in. box tubing that he salvaged from an old bridge. After welding cross members at two different levels and angle supports on the corners, he set the intake grate on top, and then bolted it in place. The angled grate now functions as an ideal gravel screen.
  “I was rebuilding my pond and needed material screened to a particular size, and this grate fit the bill perfectly,” Wilkinson says. “Making the grate and screening the gravel myself cost way less than having that size material hauled in.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ross Wilkinson, P.O. Box 1226, Thompson Falls, Mont. 59873 (ph 406 827-4916).

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