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Milk Tank Used For "Hot Tub Therapy"
It has worked on my arthritis like no doctoring has, says Del Stubbs about his milk tank hot tub. I sit still in it for about 5 min. until Im loosened up, then stretch and move for about 20 min.
  The Leonard, Minn., man picked up the 250-gal. milk tank when he bid for maple syrup equipment at an auction. He knew hed never need that much storage, but hated to see the tank go unused. He was familiar with aqua therapy because of his joint problems, and decided to convert it to a hot tub.
  I found out that the prescribed 102 F degrees just wasnt enough to loosen my 60-year-old joints. I go to 109 degrees, Stubbs says.
  He removed the tanks top doors and installed a locally made stainless submersible wood-burning heater at one end. (Two commercially available submersible woodstoves are available at www.cowboyhottubs.com and www.snorkel.com). It takes a couple hours to heat the water in the summer and more than 4 hrs. to heat when its about 32 F degrees, Stubbs says. He gets in the tub at about 105 degrees and adjusts the stove draft to increase the water temperature to 109 degrees.
  Theres plenty of room for one person to fully stretch out, Stubbs says. Because its stainless, the tank stays clean without adding chemicals. Every couple of months he drains it and cleans it thoroughly.
  Between hot tub therapy sessions, he puts 2-in. building foam sheets over the top openings. The only alteration he made was to line one opening with wood to rest his head against for comfort.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Del Stubbs, Leonard, Minn. 56652 (ph 218 243-2145; mdstubbs@paulbunyan.net).

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