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Mobile Fuel System Taps Into Pickup's Gas Tank
Hereís a first-of-its-kind tool to turn a pickupís fuel tank into a mobile gas station. That means instead of using gas cans to fuel up ATVís, lawnmowers, generators and other small engines, you can fill up with an easy-to-use nozzle with gas you know is fresh. Itís a simple idea that has several advantages, says Mike McAvey, who invented the Fuel-Tool because of his personal dislike of fuel cans Ė specifically the spouts.
  Environmental regulations have resulted in gas can nozzles that either donít work or are frustrating to use. That prompted McAvey to spend the last 4 years working on the Fuel-Tool.
  Thanks to quick-connect fittings for fuel lines, installing the $299 system only takes about 30 min. Besides tapping into fuel lines, you drill a 1/2-in. dia. hole in the bed behind the back wheel. A flexible hose and nozzle reaches 5 ft. beyond the open tailgate. When not in use, the hose and nozzle are protected in an enclosed cast aluminum nozzle holder with a cap.
  ďItís sized (about 4 by 14-in.) to tuck in the back corner to leave the bed open,Ē McAvey says, noting that it takes up a lot less room than fuel cans.
  To fuel up, start the vehicle engine to activate pressure to pump fuel through the line. Flip the switch on the unitís main valve and operate the nozzle the same way you tap a beer keg. Fuel flows at a rate of about 1 gal./per minute.
  Besides providing convenience, the gas is fresh and filtered. The cap on the nozzle holder includes a grounding wire to eliminate electrostatic discharge. Fuel-Tool passed rigorous DOT crash and rollover testing and strict California emissions standards. Thereís no fumes or emissions in an enclosed commercial van or covered pickup bed.
  During his years of research and development, meeting regulations and applying for a patent, McAvey first designed and sold a portable fuel transfer system for motorcycles. It allows motorcyclists to share gas when they are on long rides between gas stations.
  Fuel-Tool PT500 will be available around June 1 through McAveyís website. Eventually he plans to set up a distribution network.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mike McAvey, 269 Bellair Rd., Ridgewood, N.J. 07450 (ph 201 956-2350; www.fueltool.com).

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