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Crimping Cover Crop Rollers Ready For Market
Cover crop rollers for big tractors, compact tractors and even walk-behind tractors from USDA engineers provide better than 90 percent kill of cover crops without the use of herbicides.
  “These rollers are not yet available from commercial sources,” says Ted Kornecki, at the National Soil Dynamics Lab in Auburn, Ala. “We’re looking for partners to license the technology from us and start producing them.”
  Kornecki has worked with both smooth rollers and rollers with straight and curved bars. While all can be effective at terminating a cover crop, the rollers with crimpers are more adjustable for soil and plant conditions. Rollers have been designed for both conventional fields and elevated beds.
  Kornecki also developed a pto-powered roller/crimper for small farmers with walk-behind tractors. It can provide 99 percent kill of cereal rye cover crops as early as 14 days after rolling/crimping.
  “We used lifters and cams mounted on a camshaft to lift the crimper bar against springs,” explains Kornecki. “When they are disengaged, the springs produce downward force for effective crimping. This means the machine can be lighter than traditional roller/crimpers and requires less horsepower. It’s also easier to handle during operation and transport.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ted Kornecki, PhD., P.E., USDA-ARS-NSDL, Conservation Systems Research, 411 S. Donahue Dr., Auburn, Ala. 36832 (ph 334 887-8596, ext. 2745; tkornecki@ars.usda.gov).

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