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"Ride And Eat" Bird Feeders
It’s fun to watch birds eat from these spinning feeders that Ron Balkcom made from bike and wheelchair wheels. “I call them my ‘ride-and-eat’ bird feeders,” he says.
  The “merry-go-round” feeder uses a 30-in. dia. wheelchair wheel mounted horizontally on a wood post. Seven feeders made from plastic bowls hang from 6-in. threaded rods.
  “As long as I keep the bolt oiled, the wheel will spin around with even the slightest wind. Once birds get used to it they just ride around and eat,” says Balkcom.
  The “ferris wheel” feeder is made with a vertically-mounted 26-in. bicycle wheel, which has 4 tupperware containers attached to it by 1/4-in. threaded rod. Balkcom drilled a hole through both sides at the top edge of each container. The wheel itself rotates on a bolt that attaches to an angle iron bracket that has an L-shaped bend at the top.
  “The tupperware containers go around and around like ferris wheel seats. As long as I don’t fill the containers more than half full the birds can’t tip them over,” says Balkcom. “The wheel will rotate in either direction depending on which side is carrying heavier birds.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ron Balkcom, 293 John C. Logan Rd., Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139 (ph 276 794-3851; rdbalkcom@yahoo.com).

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